Oregon District 10 ~ Thanks all the Area Groups, Group Service Members & District 10 Officers for their Support & Service! :)

Due to the COVID 19 recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and State of Oregon Health, most meetings are temporarily closed.   Unfortunately things are changing rather rapidly and as such there is no good single source of data. 

Grapevine is free due to Covid 19
Notice for Grapevine free for 2020

Online Meeting Resources:

District 10 is able to host online meetings.  Please email technology@oregondistrict10.org for more information.

 OrganizationWeb Address Notes
 Online AA-Intergroup:  www.aa-intergroup.org 
 Portland Area Intergroup :  https://www.pdxaa.org/index.php/meetings/ Type "online" in the meeting search to find online meetings
 WestSide Central Office: https://westsidecentraloffice.com/online-a-a-meetingsType "online" in the meeting search to find online meetings 
District 10 Online Meeting Calendar 
Click the meeting for join information

Zoom Meetings hosted by District 10

You can also find many meetings online using the Meeting guide App from your smartphones app store.  
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